Vision Statement

CASH is in its most concrete sense is a coalition of people, organizations, and communities who are united around the holistic vision of promoting a healthier society by promoting the acquisition of healthy habits.

CASH is a proponent of the emerging paradigm shift in the practice of preventative medicine and health promotion. We promote and applaud the practice of health promotion not only by regional health authorities and the public health sector, but by clinicians throughout the health care system in collaboration with schools, local government,  community organizations, and the general public. To this end, we develop and collaborate to conduct education campaigns, participative events, and health related research.

Central to this strategy is the belief that the general public is receptive to this message, and that the private sector is also open and even enthusiastic about participating in and supporting health promotion initiatives. Developing partnerships with the populace and with the private sector is a core objective of CASH.

Finally, CASH recognizes that health is more than the absence of disease or the net sum of healthy habits. Health is a larger concept that seeks to avoid or minimize disease, but equally to maximize quality of life. This involves much broader issues including socioeconomic status, education, freedom, autonomy, self-determination, purpose, sense of being cared for, social belonging, expectations and hopefulness. Any approach to health promotion must be seen in this broader context.